Manufacturing Capability

The current political situation may have you confused as to which country is a US good trade partner and which one has tariffs, or may be on the verge of implementing tariffs or having tariffs imposed on them by the US. There are no guarantees, but you should have confidence knowing that Advanced Racking focuses on US-made products. We also leverage our North American manufacturing partners, Canada and Mexico. We want our products, both steel and aluminum, to be made in the markets we serve. It minimizes lead times and the stresses associated with manufacturing goods on the other side of the world. This stress not only applies to lead times and pains you experience as the buyer, but also to us, as the supplier.

A core company philosophy is that we best serve our clients by being healthy. This means enjoying our professional careers and serving our clients, but it also means being healthy financially. We’ve all witnessed equipment suppliers, big and small, get into trouble and go bankrupt. Cash flow, inventory, and integrity of product are key parts of any company being healthy. By keeping production more regional, we are able to maintain more oversight, reduce cashflow demand, and shorten product cycles — all of which make us healthy and happy, better prepared to serve you, and better able to deal with the inevitable unforeseen hiccups.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Youngstown, OH, Monterrey, MX, and Cambridge, Canada. This approach provides diversification and ensures competitive pricing and the ability to strategically ship products based on jobsite locations. Perhaps most importantly, it helps us deal with demand and scale up as our clients grow and take on large projects and/or portfolios. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and demonstrate our product’s performance and the pride Advanced and our partners take in serving you.

May 20, 2019 — jonathan young